No where is the blending of art and business more apparent than in print production.

It's easy enough to find someone to do colorful brochures, or someone who can "talk" the marketing talk. But finding someone who can combine the two successfully, and can show it to you, can be elusive. I know. I've looked.

Each piece shown here is content rich and includes all the the best sales pitches for the product. It's what I call turning your collateral into a "Salesperson in print."

You can't make a person read your brochure. But if you tell an interesting enough story, they won't put it down. That requires good mechanics, like captions, and teaser subheads, and clues for the scanning reader. And, of course, it has to be told in easy-to-understand, benefit-oriented style.

What you won't see here is the behind-the-scenes marketing work that went into every piece to get the story.

Brochures & Print: "Business-wise creativity"


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