Marketing Manager

MarCom and Corpcomm Manager

On-site contractor

Creative Director, Art Director, Copywriter, Designer

Creative Services of all types:
- Application Stories
- Press Relations
- Product Launch
- Advertising
- Direct Mail
- Logos & CorpID
- Web design and Development

Freelance Skills for Agencies: Copywriting, Logo Design and Lettering


Services: "Can-do" creative marketing

The experience to the left seems broad, but that's because I've been tested against a great many challenges as you have seen in the Portfolio section of this site.

I honestly enjoy doing so many things that I can't put myself into a single box.

Here what you can expect from me:
- Satisfaction in job well done.
- A mark of excellence in the work I do.
- The skills, education and experience to meet most any challenge.
- A quick study on most topics
- Cross-pollination of ideas from experience in many industries.
- The ability to make complex things easy to understand.
- A desire to achieve.

Finally, I want you to be happy with what I bring to the table. You can always try before you buy. If you'd like to see how we work together, I'm available on a freelance basis to see if we click.