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Center: Every house should have a couple of "gasp" points. Here, you enter into a large-volume living room looking directly through an arch window treatment that frames an ancient oak. Right: The 44' long kitchen-nook-family room has 9' ceilings.
Both the living and family rooms have big glass and doors, and share a see-through fireplace.

Jordan Homes: Woods Lagoon, how to build a home from scratch in 100 days

Here's my first home design. I love architecture, and a challenge. How do you get a spectacular house, on a tiny beach lot, and still have a yard? You start with a compact footprint, waste no space, and add drama. This relatively small house begins at the front door with 2-story vaulting, a dramatic window design, and flows to a long, tiled living area. Upstairs is a spectacular balcony view of below, and a large master-suite with ample closets and 10' vanity.


floor plan, architecture, house design, santa cruz california

floor plan, architecture, house design, california

The house is oriented to make the most out of the side yard (left), which backs up to an open-space preserve. Though this home feels like its around 2,500 sq ft, it only measures around 1,900.