Like many people, I had always wanted to build my own home. After watching the subcontractors working for Jordan Homes, I said, “I can do that.” So I did, and built the house on Beach Head.

Cool Stuff: Jordan Homes, the beginning

I’ve always admired architecture and an opportunity arose for me to develop property. True, I had never done that before, but why let that stop me? I had a vision.

We bought land, learned to draw blueprints, submitted plans to the county, hired and managed subcontractors, and 100 days later, the vision was real.

Having a detailed eye for architecture, my first home at Wood's Lagoon was tricked out with two-story vaulted cathedral ceilings, many arches and architectural details built in. Near completion of my first house, a real estate agent approached me and said, “This is your first house??? I though you had been doing this your whole life.” It sold before it was done.

In short order, we learned what it takes to go from concept to completion in the building arts.


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