Advertisement: Getting the most out of your ad

TRANSPORTATION: Mitsui Air is a specialist in high-value refrigerated air shipments in Japan. They wanted to use their expertise to garner business in the Japan to California routes. In this case, we created the ad based on a "suffering point," depicting what happens if your
carrier fails to keep the products cold.

Often, an ad is the precursor to a
marketing campaign. We planned our rollout
to get the most out of each dollar.
We reprinted the ad and turned it into the
main brochure in a direct mail campaign,
adding a cover letter, envelope and response
card. We ran a large printing run so we could
drive our cost per piece down. The overruns
were used as trade show handouts, and
leave-behinds for salespeople. We were able
to take one piece of collateral and turn in into
a campaign, building frequency while
reducing cost.