Sculpture: Heroic Male, my first attempt

You have to start somewhere. So, I went to the local art store and bought a dozen boxes of clay.

To create something like this, you need to have a vision with great clarity to be able to capture the rhythm and proportion of the human body.

To do so, I studied the hundreds of photos I had taken on visits to sites of antiquity to learn the forms and conventions of the time. This is not a copy of an original work, but an original work, inspired by classical proportion.

After is was done, I tried to get it "fired", but couldn't find a kiln big enough, so I had to buy one and learn how to use it. Not knowing anything about clay, I had made the figure solid, before finding out it needed to be hollow to fire so it wouldn't explode. My construction experience came in handy. I bought some auger bits and drilled the piece out from the bottom.

This photo was take before firing. After firing, the sculpture is white to resemble classical marble.




classical sculpture, male, posidon,  philosopher