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Cool Stuff: Boat Trip, island hopping the Caribbean

I’ve visited 80 countries, but my most challenging adventure was a 3,600 mile cruise as Captain of theWindborne. The Bahama “out-islands” are like being at World’s End. If you have trouble; you’re on your own. It’s just you, the sea, and the weather.

Imagine your house in the middle of the ocean. There you are, in a harsh environment, with your home being pounded by the sea. Something is going to break. But there are no Home Depots around, and the nearest grocery store is days away. It all comes down to self-reliance, crisis management, and knowing the complex systems of hydraulics, navigation, electronics, drive systems, power generation, and subsystems that make up your boat. And, unlike driving a car, where you can see the obstacles, on a boat your obstacles lie unseen, below the water.

No wonder most people spend years working up to a trip like this. Not us. I figure, if a human can do it; I am human; therefore, I can do it. We went. We saw. We survived, and loved the independence of no roads, no schedule, and nothing but blue sea, sky, sand, coral and…did I mention the fishing? It all began with a vision.


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