Cool Stuff: World Travel, 80 countries and still going

AROUND THE WORLF IN 544 DAYS: I've always looked for inspiration from the world. Our first "Big Trip" had a purpose: To see the greatest works of man and nature. We thought it would be a good idea to travel before buying a house and having kids, so we researched all the greatest places on Earth, and went: Around the world in 544 days.

EUROPE BY RAIL: Before that, I felt that I didn't get the education I had expected in college, so I planned a trip to Europe to study the classics. Along with my cousin Ken, we soon met up with a couple of Aussie's who showed us the ropes. Three months and 12 countries later, we returned home, bitten by the travel bug.

TRAVEL WITH KIDS: Having kids hasn't slowed us down much. They've each been to more than a dozen countries. In fact, sharing the world with them is just more inspiration to go.

BOAT TRIP: Most recently, we've just returned from a year of island-hopping the Caribbean (You can read more about that in the Boat Trip section on the Cool Stuff home page).

Anyway, I love books. But as great as books are, there is no substitute for actually being there. You can see all the pictures you want of Greece and Rome, China and India, Egypt and Costa Rica, but you'll never really get to know a place until you go. Like my wife says: You can either dream your life, or live your dreams. We try to do both.



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