Photo essay: Southeast Asia

From the moment you arrive, the colors, smells and sounds of Southeast stun the senses. Even the colors of Disneyland pale compared to the Royal Palace in Bangkok. Each night, the air of the city streets are perfumed as hundreds of vender set up their woks to prepare an exotic banquet of endless delicacies. There are jungles to explore, temples covered with monkeys, elephant treks to cascades, and the cave-riddled limestone karst formations that rise up behind white sand beaches. It's a travelers paradise.

THAILAND highlights included the monkey temple at Lopburi, Ao Phang Nga where James Bond, the Man with the Golden Gun was filmed, and the enchanted island paradise of Phi Phid Leh the sight for the movie The Beach.

CAMBODIA is home to the Angkor Wat, the largest temple complex outside of Egypt, and home to Ta Phrom made famous by the movie Lara Croft, Tomb Raider. Another spectacular temple, Banteay Samre, was the sight for Scorpion King 3.

LAOS is a land frozen in time, and a great place for elephant trekking.

MALAYSIA, the most pristine of all the countries, contrasts its' neighbor SINGAPORE, one of the more densely populated places on Earth.




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